Alfa Romeo 4c Spider Review

Alfa Romeo is a largely unappreciated automotive brand, even though it has a history of over 100 years. Perhaps that is because the Italian marque does not produce new cars very frequently like their North American counterparts, or that it is overshadowed by giants such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. In any case, that doesn’t mean Alfa Romeo vehicles are anything short of brilliant. Take their freshly released Alfa Romeo 4c Spider for instance and you will find that the luxury sports car is a treat to drive.




The 4C Spider is a triumph of Italian design. Elegant yet bold, it is designed for optimal performance and style. The open-air splendor of the 4C Spider turns glances into stares. From gleaming carbon fibre accents and premium interior detailing to the thrill of feeling the wind, sun and open air, this Italian sports car is synonymous with absolute driving pleasure. On the exterior the car has sporty, defined lines that show the car means business. The lines starting from the doors lead to a spacious air intake cavity. The sculpted available carbon fibre side vents further enhance air flow while accentuating the sporty look of the 4C. Overall, the car is pretty small, being 157 inches in length which are justifiable seeing as there is space for only two passengers.



On the inside, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider boasts a roomy interior with 47 cubic feet of space for the passengers. The sports seats will definitely make you feel as if you are driving a race-oriented automobile.

The cabin is all black with carbon fiber accents in most places. Alfa Romeo has worked hard to reduce weight and so they have apparently gone with the most expensive option available in the market, carbon fiber. The driver display has a nice carbon fiber touch to its borders. The overall dash is very minimalistic with key entertainment and driver convenience amenities installed. For music lovers, an Alpine audio system can be found which can be connected to the smartphone device via Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and USB. A volume toggle, as well as the levels on the side of the steering wheel, are placed ergonomically so that the driver does not have to take his hands off the steering wheel while driving.

The seats are covered in leather, so you can feel a bit warm and cozy in the cold Canadian weather. The headrests on the seat have the Alfa Romeo logo printed on them.

The cargo space on the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider measures approximately 110 liters and can easily carry your bags and snacks when going on a road trip.



Talking about the performance, the 4C Spider is definitely a beast. The car has been crafted for speed and thrill. Under its hood is a 1.7-liter turbocharged inline 4 engine that takes power to the rear wheels via a dual clutch 6-speed transmission. The engine might be small but don’t be mistaken, it can purge out some immense power, 237 hp, and 258 lb-ft torque to be precise. This much power is enough to take the car from a standstill to 60 mph in a whopping 4.1 seconds. The car takes 11.2 seconds to finish a quarter mile drag track. That’s exactly what you need when you roll your windows down to enjoy the wind smacking your face.

A cross-country road trip might not be the most desirable activity for this car but smashing the pedal to the metal might just be the one thing you need to convert sadness into joy. Whether you need an exciting car for daily driving or you prefer a racecar-like performance, the 4C Spider is an excellent choice. The 6-speed automatic Twin Clutch Transmission delivers the instant power of a sequential shift with the convenience of an automatic. With the 4-mode Alfa DNA Pro Drive Mode selector, you can customize your driving experience to suit your needs. Rear-wheel drive affords exceptional handling and excellent grip during acceleration. Stronger and lighter than steel, the carbon fibre monocoque chassis further enhances the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio for superior performance.


Driving Experience


For those who are interested, Alfa Romeo offers a number of extra packages that can be added on top of the base price. Add a Spider Track Package 2 and get track ready suspension and engine tuning. A Sports exhaust can also be added to make the small car sound a lot louder. These packages are supposed to make your driving experience worth your money. However, even without them, you would absolutely enjoy the exhilarating driving experience. The muffler option is highly recommended and will surely help you in getting the attention while driving around the town.

The suspension is very sensitive, but that's a given if you expect to buy a full-fledged track-ready race car. The highly sensitive suspension carries any and all vibration from the road onto the steering. So, you can get the real and raw feel of driving a quick car. The ride is best suited for highway driving, so don't forget to take the car out onto a long stretch of road and really floor it to get maximum satisfaction.

The unassisted steering wheel is a bit hard to used to for those coming from a power-steering vehicle, especially considering the fact that the 4c comes equipped with Pirelli’s P Zeros in 18 and 19-inches. The braking is excellent and only takes around 150 feet for the car to go stationary when stopping from 70 mph.  The car handles perfectly in almost every situation. Take it quick around bends and you will feel the chassis responding with agility.

The Competition


The Alfa Romeo 4c Spider comes in direct competition with the Lotus Elise but the latter has been discontinued so the argument becomes invalid. Therefore, we choose the Porsche Boxter as a direct competitor to the very raw 4c Spider.

To start off, the Porsche is the more expensive of the two. The Boxter has a few good specs but nothing that would justify paying extra dollars Take a look at the interior of the Boxter and you will see that attention has been paid to luxury and the layout has been made user-friendly but there is more focus on ostentatiousness rather than on practicality.

The engine inside the Boxter is bigger and more powerful than the one in the Alfa Romeo 4c Spider but the smaller 4c engine is better in many aspects. The Spider 4c is better when it comes to emissions and even though the Porsche engine makes 400 hp, 0-60 mph is practically the same for both. The Romeo does the sprint in 4.1 seconds same as the Boxter.

Come on the track and the story goes largely in favor of the Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo is an extremely raw and untamed car which longs to be unleashed. Naturally, the track is the one place where it shows its true potential. Its loud revving engine feels much better when you are driving the track.


The AlfaRomeo 4c Spider price from any Alfa Romeo Canada dealers comes in at a base price of $78,845. The company recently announced there will be no Coupe edition for 2019 so you have only one body style to choose from. You have a choice of adding various packages as discussed before that could take the price up to around a 100 grand. Don't live near any Alfa Romeo Canada Dealerships? Alfa Romeo of Windsor can ship your Alfa anywhere across Canada! London, Toronto, Quebec, Vaughan, Oakville Ontario it doesn't matter where, we can deliver!

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In essence, the Alfa Romeo 4c Spider is made for those who are looking for an unadulterated racing experience. The car is certainly different from their luxury segment, it is purely a sports car that responds to your every command. The loud engine and minimalistic styling both inside and outside speak of this racing spirit. After all, why would you need large storage compartments and a banging entertainment system in a racing car? Push the pedal to the medal, forget about the world and just enjoy the drive. 

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