Five Reasons to choose the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD over the 2018 BMW X3 XDrive28i Premium

Welcome to Alfa Romeo of Windsor, Ontario’s number 1 Alfa Romeo dealer! If you know cars, you know that Alfa Romeo are back, and in a big way. Much of that hype is surrounding the incredible new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD, an absolute powerhouse of an SUV that is taking the scene by storm. The Stelvio Ti has no mercy with its competitors, besting them in almost every category. In this instalment of ‘Five Reasons to Choose the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Over…’ we compare the Stelvio with the 2018 BMW X3 XDrive28i Premium; read on to see how many categories the Alfa bests the Beemer in (hint, it’s a lot!).



BMW have long referred to their vehicles as ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, well, maybe that was once true, but not any more! In every performance related test, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD outguns the BMW X3 XDrive28i, and in some cases by huge margins. Starting with the standard markers, the BMW puts out just 240 horsepower, a number that looks even smaller when you compare it to the Stelvio’s 280 horses. Power transfer is also inferior on the X3, with just 260 lb-ft of torque, compared to the goliath figures from the Alfa, a stunning 306 lb-ft of torque! Let’s get back to that Ultimate Driving Machine claim, because when we look at acceleration, the Alfa Romeo once again comes out on top, and not by an insignificant margin. The BMW X3 gets from a standing start to 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds, but is pretty much left in the dust by the Stelvio, which rockets from zero to sixty in a staggering 5.4 seconds, almost an entire second faster! In motorsports terms, that 0.9 seconds feels like a decade.

It makes no sense whatsoever to give a car heaps of power without giving it the ability to stop proportionately to the speed, right? The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD has it taken care of, with all round, premium Brembo brakes. Brembo are synonymous with high performance cars, and are probably the biggest name in motorsports braking. The BMW X3 XDrive28i is equipped with standard stoppers from BMW, which simply can’t match the performance of the Alfa’s Brembos. In addition to the rest of the top performance features, the Alfa boasts a carbon fiber driveshaft, a component found almost exclusively on exotic supercars, and certainly not on BMW SUVs!


Exterior and Interior Design

The 2018 Stelvio Ti is a truly stunning car to look at, and judging by the fact that you’re reading this article, you’re already interested in the incredible, authentic Italian design. The BMW X3 has been a stalwart of the mid size SUV section for over a decade, and its design has barely changed. Design, both interior, and exterior is another area in which the Stelvio simply shines. On the exterior, the Alfa Romeo literally shines, with its HID head lamps as standard (an optional extra on the BMW), LED Daytime running lamps (the X3 can only boast incandescent running lamps), as well as LED tail lamps (also incandescent on the BMW).  Belying its powerful motor, the Stelvio also features dual, chrome exhaust tips, while the BMW has only a single exhaust outlet.

On the interior, the Stelvio continues the trend of victory, with some amazing features such as the excellent, yet user friendly rotary control knob, a feature that allows complete control of the cars menu systems with just one control, another feature that is not available on the BMW. The Stelvio is definitely a car that lets you know it is designed to be enjoyed, it is so much more than just a means of transport! Subtle touches like the Formula One inspired push start button mounted on the steering wheel allude to this design theme. On the subject of the steering wheel, the Stelvio Ti comes as standard with a heated leather wheel, a feature you’re sure to love on cold days!



The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an experience in itself, it transcends driving, and thoughtful interior touches such as those found within its infotainment system only serve to augment this experience. The Alfa Romeo comes as standard with an incredible four USB ports, Alfa’s design team recognised that staying charged equals staying connected, so with the Stelvio, there’s no fighting over those charging ports, more than can be said for the BMW, which provides just one USB port. The Alfa Romeo’s as standard voice activation is not only convenient, but it can help keep your eyes on the road, exactly where they need to be! With the BMW, voice activation is only available as part of a package.


Conveniences and Safety

For 2018, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD is loaded with amazing features and amenities to cater for your every need. It comes with three driver selectable driving modes as standard, unlike the BMW which has no such function. In addition, the Stelvio comes with an as standard remote start, perfect for prepping your car – get it warm on the cold winter days, or get it cooled down before you get in in the summer, as this isn’t available on the BMW X3, just chalk up another point for the Alfa Romeo. Parking is a cinch in the Stelvio, thanks to the as standard front and rear parking sensors, if you want those on a BMW X3, they are only available as part of a package.


Optional Extras and Packages

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD as it comes from the factory is already an incredibly well appointed  car, in fact one of the best equipped luxury SUVs on the market. If you’re still wanting more features, you’ll definitely enjoy choosing from the list of available options and packages. For example, you can boost the already excellent safety aspects of the Stelvio by adding the forward collision assist feature, this assists the driver in braking should the car detect an imminent forward collision.


If you’re looking for a world class Alfa Romeo Dealerships near me, look no further! Alfa Romeo of Windsor are standing by to help get you behind the wheel of a brand new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD. Our Alfa Romeo dealership is just one of twelve across Canada, so we understand fully if you can’t make the trip to see us in person, but don’t worry, we gladly ship vehicles all over Canada! If you’re in the Windsor area though, you should definitely come by the show room to see the magnificent Stelvio in the flesh! Call ahead to arrange an appointment or just drop in; we will be thrilled to set you up with a test drive. Once you’ve tried it though, there is no looking back!

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