Alfa Romeo of Windsor, your Alfa Romeo Canada Dealer have put together this list of 5 reasons you should consider the 2018 Stelvio over Mercedes Benz’s closest offering, the 2018 GLC 300. Mercedes Benz are one of the most established names in the premium and luxury auto market, and yet, the new kid on the block, the Stelvio, comes out on top when the two go head to head! Read on to find out how the Italian bests the German across these five categories.



Given Mercedes Benz’s presence in international motorsports, you might have thought they’d give Alfa Romeo more of a run for their money in this category, yet the Stelvio is the superior performer across the board in the performance testing. The Alfa boasts a segment leading 280 horsepower, to the Merc’s 241. Horsepower alone does not make an exciting drive, big torque figures usually equal big smiles behind the wheel! The GLC 300 puts its power to the road with 273 lb ft of torque, the Stelvio on the other hand puts out a tire shredding 306 lb ft of torque. After horsepower and torque, the performance statistic most prospective buyers want to know is the 0 to 60 time. It should come as no surprise that given the higher horsepower, and the bigger torque, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio once again comes out on top, reaching 60 mph a whole second faster than the Mercedes Benz GLC 300, crossing that line at 5.4 seconds, compared to 6.4 seconds. Having all this power and speed means other components need to be upgraded to ensure all around performance, and in Alfa Romeo’s case they chose to outfit the Stelvio with premium Brembo brakes, compared to the standard Mercedes Benz stoppers on the GLC.



Exterior and Interior Design

If it’s austere, minimalist style you’re looking for, then we can see why you might be interested in the Mercedes Benz GLC 300, but you’re on the website of an Alfa Romeo dealership; so the chances are you’re looking for passionate design and unmistakable flair, in which case look no further than the 2018 Stelvio. In addition to its obvious aesthetic advantage, the Stelvio also boasts several superior features over the GLC 300, for example its ultra bright Bi Xenon headlights, an obvious advantage of the Merc’s standard Halogen lamps. Sticking to the lighting theme, the Alfa Romeo also stands out with LED daytime running lamps, something the Mercedes Benz cannot claim. Taller drivers will undoubtedly appreciate the Stelvio’s larger headroom capacity, a feature that obviously can’t be bested by some optional extra! The Stelvio sets itself apart from the crowd as a real connoisseur’s car with features such as standard genuine leather upholstery, a nice touch in a world where more and more luxury automakers are fitting their vehicles with leatherette and other such synthetic fabrics. In addition the Stelvio shows subtle hints of Alfa Romeo’s motorsports history throughout, with available carbon fiber trims, and the as standard push start button mounted on the steering wheel.




A car’s infotainment package is truly becoming as important to many drivers as the performance itself, luckily for the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo have included some of the best features going in the 2018 Stelvio. There are several measurably better features in the Alfa than in the Merc – most notably the standard voice activation feature; allowing the driver to accurately control many of the Stelvio’s features by voice alone, only available as an optional extra in the Mercedes Benz. To assist the driver in getting the most from the Stelvio, it is fitted with an enormous driver information display, measuring in at a hefty 7 inches, vs. the 5 inch display in the Benz. Alfa Romeo has also recognized that staying charged is as important as staying connected in the digital age, which is why they have seen fit to fit the Stelvio with 4 USB ports, whereas Mercedes Benz fitted the GLC 300 with just 2.



Conveniences and Safety

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is packed with great features and luxury amenities. Convenient features such as passive entry allow you to enter the Stelvio without touching the key fob; perfect for those times when you get back to the car with your hands full! This great function is a standard feature on the Alfa, but is only available as an optional extra on the Mercedes Benz. The Alfa also benefits from 4 way adjustable lumbar support for both driver and front passenger, unlike the Mercedes Benz which provides this for the driver only. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio also comes in to its own on cold mornings, where you’ll be pleased you have a heated leather wrapped steering wheel, a feature you wouldn’t have if you had chosen the Mercedes Benz!



Optional Extras and Packages

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is fitted as standard with excellent equipment, but if you’re looking for more, you’ll be thrilled with the available options and packages. If you want a little more light in your life, you can specify the Stelvio with a sunroof as an optional extra, the same feature is only available in a package on the Mercedes Benz GLC 300, meaning you’ll have to spend more on features you may not want or need just to get it!


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